The Black Panther T-Shirt Without The Black Panther On It

Sold at Urban Outfitters, snapped and sent to Bleeding Cool. The Black Panther T-shirt that doesn’t have Black Panther on it.


Instead, it has Ghost Rider, Captain America and Spider-Woman.

Marvel has a recent history of removing Fantastic Four and X-Men characters of scenes turned into T-shirts and posters, as they chose not to allow X-Men or Fantastic Four licenses on any products for a considerable period of time – and the ban is still applicable to Fantastic Four. But Black Pantehr is on eof the Marvel Studios properties and, as a result, should be above this sort of thing.

It could just be a mixmatch of disparate visuals. But instead it just ends up looking like Black Panther Minus Black Panther.

I don’t suppose anyone could make a similar hit to Garfield Minus Garfield, could they?



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