Exclusive Saga Prints Alongside 25 Cent Saga #43 From BKV And Fiona Staples At The End Of May

Posted by April 18, 2017 Comment

It’s a long wait for Saga #43, out on May 31st. Saga #42 came out on January 25th with one hell of a cliffhanger.

Many people would pay the $2.99 to read it now rather than the 25 cents they’ll be charged when it comes out, a reduced price to celebrate publisher Image Comics’ 25th anniversary.

But Image are sweetening the pot further.

Limited quantities of a commemorative Image 25th anniversary print new, exclusive Saga artwork by Fiona Staples may also be available, depending on how many copies of the 25 cent issue retailers order.


Brian Vaughan says on issue 43, frustrating patient fans further “I am so proud of this issue, and excited for our craziest storyline yet! Fiona and I wanted to thank our incredible readers for five years of loyalty with this special $0.25 issue, but we also hoped to encourage anyone who hasn’t yet read SAGA to finally dip their toes in our water (eww).  So if you have ‘mature’ friends or loved ones you think might be weird enough to enjoy our series, why not pick up a few extra copies to share with them? Either way, we know our beloved retailing partners won’t profit as much as they would from our regular $2.99 cover price, so if we save you a few bucks in May, we hope you’ll please consider shifting a little of that money back to your local store by trying PAPER GIRLS or THE OLD GUARD or STRAY BULLETS or any of the other spectacular collection of creator-owned comics that our friends at Image have been publishing for an unbelievable 25 years.”

The prints will be available in colour version, B&W, or signed colour version, will also be available in limited quantities.


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