Chip Zdarsky Talks About What I Think We Can Now Call Star-Lord’s Cancellation

Posted by April 18, 2017 Comment

Tomorrow sees the final issue of Star-Lord, published by Marvel Comics and its writer, Chip Zdarsky, has taken to Tumblr to promote it.

Previously, Chip criticised Bleeding Cool for reporting that his previous Howard The Duck series was cancelled, when it was only ever planned as a 12 issue series for Marvel. It was just that Marvel has called it an ongoing series. As we discovered, Marvel believes that calling something a limited series is a “kiss of death” so they just don’t tell anyone.

And so we presumed that was the same for Star-Lord with Kris Anka and Matt Wilson. A six-issue limited series. It seems not. As Zdarsky says, “it may show the higher-ups that a series should breathe a bit before laid out to pasture.”

So that is “cancelled” then, yes? I get the feeling that shouldn;t be an issue with his next Marvel series, Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man.


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