Stoic Games Are Planning To Work On A New IP After Banner Saga 3


Stoic Studio have managed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund Banner Saga 3, but everyone wants to know, just what is next for the studio? In an interview with GameWatcherJohn Watson, Stoic’s co-founder and technical director, delved into the future of the company. While Banner Saga 3 will end the trilogy, it likely won’t be the end of The Banner Saga, but it will be the last we see of the series for a bit. For their next project, Watson hinted that fans should expect “something in a competitive, tactical combat capacity.”

On the subject of that new property, Watson had this to say, “We certainly haven’t sat down and drafted any ideas, but it’s most certainly something we’re all interested in and something we’d probably try to pursue given the opportunity.” Pretty vague, but then, they do have a while before they’ll be ready to start working on the new project. The Banner Saga 3 is set to launch in December of 2018. You can still back the project over on Kickstarter, with the minimum pledge for a copy being around $20bannersaga2

As for Banner Saga, Watson did go on to say “There’s a lot of world building in this trilogy and we left a lot of the history and certain events offscreen. The world is rich enough that we can take on things that are happening parallel to this trilogy, before, or even after the events players know. That said, we’d probably let the series rest for a bit and let the audience get hungry for the next thing.”


Those new to the series can find more information on Banner Saga and Stoic here. You can read Game Watcher‘s full interview with Watson here.

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