The New Patch For ‘Breath Of The Wild’ Kills Infinite Arrows

We’ve been playing Breath Of The Wild throughout the day today, exploring a few different areas and trying new things out with our weapons. But we can’t figure out what the new 1.1.2 patch does to benefit us, however, we did discover what it does to hinder us as they killed off your ability to pick up infinite arrows from enemies.


Nintendo released the patch early this morning for gamers to download, but when you examine their website to see what it does, there’s only one comment: “Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.” Thanks, Nintendo. But… that doesn’t say anything. If you’re going to force a patch on us that takes up space on our memory, tell us what it does. Because maybe we don’t want it, and as many players have discovered today, we really don’t want it. Buying arrows is a costly ordeal, and the best way to get around that issue is to search out the dumb Bokoblin archers (who have about as much accuracy as a Stormtrooper) and picking up the arrows they shoot at you when they miss.

Apparently, the 1.1.2 patch makes them wise up after 10 arrows and they’ll either stop shooting you after that, or you won’t see any more arrows on the ground if they miss. If you really want to work your way around this, you can light a fire nearby and stock up on arrows every few hours, but that’s just tedious. That doesn’t feel like a “pleasant gaming experience,” especially when finding arrows any other way in the game takes longer or costs too much money.

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