How Will The Ardian Syaf Controversy Affect Other Indonesian Freelancers At Marvel Comics?

Posted by April 10, 2017 Comment

In the wake of the Ardian Syaf media furore, other Indonesian comic book creators have been getting worried.

Lae Enrich mentions word getting around that Indonesian freelancers might have their contracts frozen.

This claim is then refuted by Dante Nararya.

But both cite “AW” as a reliable source on the matter.

That would be Admira Wijaya, another comic book creator getting a higher profile in the USA.


On Facebook, he expresses concern that the situation might affect other Indonesians’ standing.


Other creators are worrying that publishers will think they are all anti-Jewish or anti-Christian.

Ony for Ardian Syaf himself to reply, assuring him that the people at Marvel are professionals and he would tell them not to blacklist his friends. He also said to not worry about work, because what you deserve will always find its way to you.

Admira replied that it was easy for him to say, because Ardian is a “superstar artist”.

Well, I mean, he was. But Admira mentions that people at Marvel have been asking him questions….

And he is fearful for what may come.

Hopefully “superstar” accreditation might be around the corner for them soon…


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