Lying In The Gutters, 9th April 2017 – She Went Of Her Own Accord


There was only ever going to be one story that would top this week’s stats, right? And it’s not even 24 hours old. But what else have you been reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Marvel Artist Ardian Syaf Hid Anti-Christian And Jewish Messages In This Week’s X-Men Comic
  2. The Super Awesome Reason Brad Pitt Won’t Be Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’ Will Amaze You!
  3. Marvel Comics Responds To Ardian Syaf’s X-Men Gold #1 Controversy
  4. There Is Something Off With The ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Blu-Ray And DVD Covers
  5. Game Development Hell Is Closing Its Doors With KH3
  6. Marvel’s David Gabriel On Sales Slump: People “Didn’t Want Any More Diversity,” “Didn’t Want Female Characters”
  7. AMC Shocker: Could Glenn Be Returning To The Walking Dead?? (SPOILERS)
  8. If Not Diversity, What Is The Cause of Marvel’s Comics Sales Slump?
  9. Well, At Least Everyone’s Talking About Marvel Comics Today…
  10. Dragon Age 4 Is “Not A Thing” Says Creative Director
  11. Reports Claim Pearl Mackie Fired From Doctor Who After One Season; BBC Responds, But Doesn’t Deny
  12. Saying Goodbye To Bones
  13. Total Divas Is Back, So Is Eva Marie Done With WWE Or Not?
  14. More Comics Folk React To Marvel’s Axel Alonso’s Thoughts On Artists “Moving The Needle”
  15. The Walking Dead Pays Tribute To Bernie Wrightson
  16. Walking Dead #166 Swipe File With The Death Of Gwen Stacy? (Major Spoilers)
  17. Has Wrestling And Total Divas Star Eva Marie Left WWE?
  18. DC Comics Announces Dark Nights: Metal From Scott Snyder And Greg Capullo From August 2017 (UPDATE)
  19. Did A New ‘Overwatch’ Comic Give Away New Skins For April?
  20. So What Is Marvel’s Generations Anyway?

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Lois Lane’s Last Name And Bruce Wayne’s Middle Name, Both Revealed Today (SPOILERS)
  2. Complaints About Iron Fist’s Cultural Appropriation And Lack Of Asian Protagonists – From 1974
  3. A Few DC Comics Covers For May, From Frank Quitely, Jim Lee, Frank Cho, Jill Thompson And More
  4. When DC Comics Cancelled Garth Ennis And Darick Robertson’s The Boys
  5. Today’s Flintstones Comic Is The Most Gut-Wrenching Yet. Be Warned.
  6. When DC Comics Censored A Kiss Between Apollo And Midnighter
  7. How Mark Millar’s Take On Legion Of Superheroes Almost Got Planetary Cancelled
  8. Jim Starlin Made An Amazon Mistake And Now Needs Your Assistance
  9. Scott Dunbier, The Big Fish That DC Comics Let Get Away

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