Happy Birthday Wynonna Earp: Wondercon Panel

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One year to the day after it’s television premiere on Syfy, Wynonna Earp had a bit of a birthday bash at Wondercon 2017. The panel prior to Wynonna Earp’s scheduled time  was fairly well filled up with what were clearly Earpers (the affectionate name given to fans of the show) who had gotten there to make sure they had seat for the Wynonna Earp Panel. Before the panel began, a number of fans passed out party favors and then proceeded to sing happy birthday to Wynonna once all the panelists had arrived.

I do feel as though I had an advantage on many in the room, as I was lucky enough to cover the red carpet and see the first two episodes of Wynonna Earp at the 2016 Wondercon. I had fallen for the show right away, as it reminded me of two of my favorite shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. Even with my special feelings for the show, it was clear that there were many Earpers in the room who whom the show has meant so much more. With many people wearing custom printed Wynonna Earp shirts, and one person even bringing along a custom made Wynonna Earp Funko Pop, packing its own Peacemaker, Wynonna’s demon slaying gun.




The custom Pop was made by Jordan Barber at www.atomicoctopusdesigns.com, who I was told was also in attendance but I did not have a chance to talk with. The Pop was shown to the panelists before the panel began, and since Melanie Scrofano, Wynonna Earp herself, was not in attendance, the panelists had the Pop sit on the table during the panel in her place and even put a microphone in front of it, just in case it had anything to add to the conversation.

The panel included Tim Rozon (who plays Doc Holiday), Alex Zarowny (writer on the show), and Kate Drummond (who plays Agent Lucado). The panel was moderated by Allison Baker, Director of Production for IDW. The show is based on Beau Smith’s comic book of the same name and is produced by IDW Entertainment.

Allison Baker, Tim Rozon, Alex Zarowny, and Kate Drummond

The panel kicked off with Baker showing a brand new trailer for season two, which can be viewed here. The audience loved it, and if you clicked the link to watch, you probably love it now too. From there Rozon addressed the audience and thanked us for supporting the show, and talked about how special it was to look into the audience and to actually be able to recognize so many faces.

Rozon discussed how the cast would always talk when they get a script that Zarowny wrote, because that usually means something sexy will be happening in the episode.

An audience member asked what it was like writing a comic book based on his own character (Wynonna Earp: Legends Doc Holliday). Rozon told the audience member, “Your my favorite person, thank you for that.” Rozon said, “It’s the greatest experience of my life. I’ve been a comic book fan my entire life. I’m so nerd, I make  nerds not look like nerds. Beau Smith is one of the most wonderful, gentle humans in the world, and he’s also a lunatic. We share the same brain. We love the same comic books, we love the same western stuff.” Rozon was nervous writing the comic, “I knew that if I would screw up, Beau was there to catch me and make everything alright. At the end of the day we wrote two comic books together and nothing will compete with it.”


The next question was probably the best question asked by an audience member, but I might be a bit biased here. Baker called on me by telling me I had an awesome Chewbacca shirt, so she obviously has excellent taste. I addressed the panel and talked about how I was lucky enough to attend the premiere at Wondercon last year and felt like I knew the show was special from the beginning. I asked Rozon how he felt about how fast the fandom grew around the show. “I kind of new this was something special. And the fact that people caught on, I was surprised but at the same time I thought this was the kind of thing that I would catch on to too because it’s special. It’s a magical time and I think right now we’re in that magical zone and it’s just going to get bigger. I think we should all just hang out here. Let’s just stay Earpers forever.” Zarowny attributed the amazing, positive fandom of Earpers to the magic that is in Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp show creator.

The panel also expressed pride in being nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series. The awards were actually given out the same evening as the panel, but sadly Wynonna Earp did not win, instead the winner was Shadowhunters. It was also discussed that a Blu-Ray release of Season One will hopefully be out in the Summer or Fall.

Season Two of Wynonna Earp will premiere on SyFy on June 9 and it’s a day that all Earpers will celebrate, and maybe this time along with the party favors someone will bring a cake.

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