Extremity, Bloodshot Reborn, X-Men Prime, America And Captain America Get Second And Third Print Crazy!

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Extremity, the new Skybound/Image series from Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer has gone to a third printing for the first issue and a second printing for the second issue.


Both will be available, along with the first printing of the third issue on May 3rd.

When they will also be joined by the second printing of Bloodshot Reborn #0 by Jeff Lemire and Renato Guedes.

While from Marvel. there will be second prints for America #2 by Joe Quinones and Ming Doyle, X-Men Prime #1 by Marc Guggenheim, Cullen Bunn, Greg Pak, Ken Lashley, Leonard Kirk and Ibraim Roberson, and Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 by Nick Spencer,  Javier Pina and Andres Guinaldo

america_2_second_printing captain_america_steve_rogers_15_second_printing x-men_prime_second_printing

UPDATE: Old Guard #1 is going to third printing and Old Guard #2 going to second!



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