Lois Lane’s Last Name And Bruce Wayne’s Middle Name, Both Revealed Today (SPOILERS)

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What’s in a name? Pretty much everything, these days.


So in Superman #20, a comic full of big chins and people flying over flyover country, we have the new Superman and the new Lois Lane, merged between the Pre 52 and New 52 versions of the character and a new history between them. As today’s Justice League #18 hints ay.


They are young again. They have a kid, Jonathan Kent. And it seems that Lois Lane has had a name change to boot.


While on Earth Two, the Lois Lane there took the name Lois Lane-Kent, in this DC Universe, even after her marriage to Clark Kent, she stayed with Lois Lane. But I guess in small town communities, they prefer a more traditional approach and it’s something she’s just gone along with. My mother writes to me and my wife as Mr and Mrs Johnston. I guess it’s a thing.



While Batman #20, as part of a long storyline regarding Batman, Bane and the reason Batman wanted Psycho Pirate in the first place, as rumoured on April 1st, we learn Bruce Wayne’s middle name, now enshrined in continuity…


Bruce Thomas Wayne.

Batman #20 by Tom King, David Finch and Danny Miki, Justice League #18 by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin and Matt Ryan and Superman #20 by Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi are published today.

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