Destiny 2 Expansions Will Focus On Returning Characters Osiris And Rasputin

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We don’t have too many details on which characters will return to Destiny 2 other than our own Guardians and the Vanguard, but thanks to the special edition details Bungie released, we now know that Osiris and Rasputin will return in some form.

The two expansions were given to us in a pretty vague image that featured the Destiny 2 logos and two banners. The symbols on those banners should be familiar to most Destiny players. The left-hand banner clearly depicts the symbol for Osiris, the mysterious warlock behind the Trials of Osiris event, and the right-hand banner clearly shows off the symbol associated with Rasputin, the Russian Warmind AI that you come across in the original Destiny.


So it looks like we’ll find out more about Osiris in the first DLC, while we get to hang out with Rasputin again in the second. So there are two more returning characters for the two planned DLCs included in the Expansion Pass. Like the original game, we may get other expansions than just these two, but right now, just two have been planned by Bungie.

And sure, those banners could be a giant misnomer, but I somehow doubt it.

Destiny 2 will release on September 8th for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The open beta will be up later this year for players who pre-order the game. The official reveal trailer from last week is below. And it is the full one, not the teaser trailer about the main trailer.

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