DC Comics Announces Dark Nights: Metal From Scott Snyder And Greg Capullo From August 2017 (UPDATE)

DC Comics Announces Dark Nights: Metal From Scott Snyder And Greg Capullo From August 2017 (UPDATE)

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As Bleeding Cool previously mentioned… Metal, the new Batman-centric event from Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and DC Comics – involving Hawkman’s Nth metal. announcing at Fan Expo Dallas.

DC Comics Panel – Fan Expo Dallas, live reporting from Brandon Wainerdi (@ActuallyBrandon) and Jason Kauzlarich (@TheyLiveObey)

Bleeding Cool is live from Fan Expo Dallas, for a special announcement from DC Comics, specifically revolving around the summer plans for their creatives Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder. The reunion between the New 52 collaborators promises (in the official Fan Expo program, anyway) to “be one of the most popular series of 2017 for DC Comics”.


We’ll make that decision for ourselves.

Dan DiDio now out on stage at the podium: “Are you guys all Rebirth fans?”

Dan’s “co-publisher and partner-in-crime” Jim Lee is now on stage, as well as Scott Snyder (who is wearing a Capullo t-shirt).

“We’ve teased it before but the Dark Days: The Forge prelude book is actually a two-parter prelude. So, for the first time ever, we want to show off the cover (just the Jim Lee pencils) for Dark Days: The Casting.


Snyder: “Dark Days is a two-part story, setting up this summer’s event. It’s the prelude. Showing you the cast and crazy clues on what’s going to happen. For me, when I went to these guys to tell them what I wanted to do this summer, they thought that it was “too big”

Snyder is teasing that a lot of different plot connections, ranging from Hawkman’s mythology to Mr. Terrific. This is “way beyond Batman”. But what Batman discovers goes back to Gotham and beyond.

Lee: Huge ramifications for stuff that has “always been there that have huge ramifications for the DC Universe. Scott told us that’ there’s a new element on the periodic table. If this … thing … exists, this is what it would look like.


Greg Capullo now on stage.

Snyder: When Greg first said he was going to take a break, I kept thinking about what Greg is to me. He’s family. I haven’t seen him in a while … I got misty-eyed. What do you guys want to see us do? The more we pushed it, the more you guys showed up … when we tried things that were personal and daring.

Greg is … metal. I have this idea that has to do with metal. Batman discovers a big mystery that is seeded in the history. He finds this metal in Hawkman’s mythology and something dark is coming. Dark Days introduces those concepts and then our summer event blows it out of the water.

There’s a reason in this story that there’s “dark” in the title. Dark Matter, Dark Energy. Things in science that I love.

Dark Nights: Metal. The image is up. This is all going to be done. This the first time that this image has been shown.
Batman has two battle-axes.

Snyder: There’s dark in the title. But this is celebratory. This is a thank you to you guys. What I love about DC events is that it’s bonkers and it takes you all over the DC universe: Dinosaurs, robots, lasers,


Dark Days Metal will start in August and run monthly.

Snyder: It will affect the DCU in multiple ways. Cast is the Justice League but everyone has been parts. People you wouldn’t expect to come back. New ideas, new characters in general. We hope this will really stick.

Rebirth is a great way to take the classic ways of DC, that honors the ways before but looks towards the future. Metal is about new. Introducing new characters, new myths. I want people to not see what’s coming: new science.

Lee: Dinosaurs! Lasers! These lasers cut people in half. What i love about this is, at its core, its about Batman and his relationship with the Justice League (Wonder Woman and Superman). It touches you, it’s not just all pyrotechnics

It keeps bringing up new ideas.

Snyder: All the writers at DC are super close right now … Tom King, etc. The entire city, the entire country of DC is now connected and we’re picking up all these characters that would never exist in the story we typically tell.


Capullo: I’m excited to lay the groundwork for all these new stories and new designs. I’m excited to work with Scott’s great story and I’m excited to work with Scott’s obsessive love for his own stories. But what he’s got, he’s gold.

You guys built us into some type of living legend. This is you guys’ fault. There is some kind of pressure between any type of reunion. It can’t pale in comparison with what’s come before. But this won’t. You won’t be disappointed.

Most powerful, most explosive-filled thing we’ve ever done together. “This one goes to 11.” We’re going to melt your faces off. Face-melting-o’plenty.

Scott gives me so much freedom, which speaks to what kind of man he is. That’s why we’re able to give you the great stuff we’ve gotten in the past. So what we’re going to bring you next, is going to blow your minds. Like Scanners.


Snyder: We said it before: there’s a reason for us coming back. It’s taking everything we did with Batman and dovetailing it with the greater DCU.

The premise is: What if Batman finds a mystery that realizes that for the first time ever., he does not want to solve. It allows a prismatic storytelling that even I have never done with him before. We don’t want to come back and do the greatest hits. We want to blow it out.

Capullo: When he comes and tells you he has this great thing, believe it. He’s not a carnival barker. This is going to be the best thing we’ve done.

Lee: (speaking from the business side) I’m working with Kubert and John Romita Jr. We’re separating the artists for the book based on time period. Looking forward to unleashing this on the public.

Snyder: This lifts “hugely” from the Batman stuff we’ve done before. From Court of Owls to Super Heavy, we’re even pulling from Tom and Grant and what Jeff did with Hawkman, Dan and Pete with Superman. We’re starting with our stuff and then taking the past six-to-seven years and making you realize that these plotlines affect everyone. I think you’ll be excited to see what comes from the other Batman mythologies that have come before.

(speaking on how he’s never done an event book for Batman) I tried to do my homework (about events). We put the whole story out on the board and made sure it hits all the beats that you, the fans, demand … the jaw-dropping “WTF” moments. It’s hugely intimidating but it’s our love letter to the DCU.

DiDio: There’s never been a Batman-centric cross-over event.

Lee: We want to set up the sense of mystery … but the reveal is in the main series. Our focus is how we got here … how Hawkman’s past weaves into the event. We feel very confident that we can pull it together. You want the challenge to do something creative, something that we can do in new ways.

Scott is doing the heavy-lifting on the plot and making sure it ties together, and we can focus on the art.

Dan DiDio is talking about X-Men: Is this your first event? Greg Capullo has to remind him he did X-Cutioner’s Song.

DiDio: This is the biggest event we’ve ever done and the foundation is better than ever before. What do you hope we take away? 

Snyder: I want you guys to come in knowing that it’s a thank you to you. We want to do a story that celebrates the DCU and does things you never expect. I want you guys to pick it up and excites you and moves you. I didn’t know these characters could do that! That’s what makes them so special.

Capullo: “Now there are so many possibilities that I ‘ve never seen before. All these doors will be open and you will all want to be writers.”

Lee: This is actually my first DC cross-over event. After 30 years, I finally get the shot. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself,


Dark Days: The Forge

Dark Days: The Casting

Dark Nights: Metal

They have closed the live stream for Q&A… but that’s okay because Bleeding Cool is in the room. Look for a new article going up very soon…

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