Radical Publishing Wanted To Produce A Broadway Musical Of Prince's Purple Rain

Radical Publishing Wanted To Produce A Broadway Musical Of Prince’s Purple Rain

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Do you remember Radical Studios? Still around in a vestigial form, they were one of a number of companies who through a lot of money at the way developing intellectual property as comic books attempting to turn them into movies. They were more successful than most, with Hercules and Oblivion beginning as Radical properties. They had a page rate that bettered Marvel and DC, and a number of comics creators did very well for a while until the edifice collapsed.

Along the way they also published Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini‘s Last Days Of American Crime, Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh‘s Hotwire and Steve Niles City Of Dust.

But they had many other plans, a number of which we outlined here.

But one we didn’t mention at the time, but six years on we feel a little freer to do so now, was their plan to produce a Broadway musical production of Prince’s Purple Rain, based on the movie, the album and other Prince tracks.

It wasn’t the only stage plans from the subdivision of their company Radical Theatrical, they also planned a stage adaptation of their never-published Mata Hari comic book. But they had no other connection with Purple Rain, except that the people behind Radical really liked it.

It was enough for them to put it on their officially submitted business plans back in 2010. But, as with many Radical plans, it seems to have come to nothing.

So you may have to make do with this performance of Purple Rain by the cast of The Color Purple on Broadway in tribute to Prince.


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