Bleeding Cool's Top 11 Hot Comic Writers Of March 2017

Bleeding Cool’s Top 11 Hot Comic Writers Of March 2017

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Remember when Wizard Magazine used to do these top ten lists every month? So do we. This list was put together after consultation with retailers, publishers and statistics regarding the demand for comic book creator’s works… and placed into a mysterious algorithm.

And we added one more for luck.


1. Donny Cates. How did God Country become the hottest rising comic right now? And will Cates really call it quits after the first mini-series? Can he successfully transfer his new audience onto Redneck> It is looking that way…


2. Geoff Johns. The man who dared bring Watchmen to the DC Universe has plotted the upcoming Batman/Flash series and continues to carve out the DC Rebirth Renaissance.


3. Peter Tomasi. Carving out the Superman and Batman futures with Super Sons, while part of the Superman Reborn team, Tomasi is gaining plenty of critical respect for his work, while Superman places higher in the chart than when he last died….


4. Tom King. A formalist experimenter, Tom King continues with David Finch and Mikel Janin, to innovate within the mainstream


5. Nick Spencer. Expertly carving a continuity with Captain America, he is set to reinvent the Marvel Universe from scratch with Secret Empire, working towards this for years


6. Gabby Rivera. The launch of America #1 set the media abuzz, talking about this new fresh face to Marvel Comics.


7. Ta Nehisi Coates. Month in, month out, Black Panther continues to place better on the chart than ever before, as he carves out a new audience for his work in comics – and for other voices he is helping to represent.


8. Tee Franklin. She can turn comic creators to her will and successfully launched a Kickstarter for a new comic Bingo Love, with hardly any published comics experience. A “do-er”.

Photo by Luigi Novi
Photo by Luigi Novi

9. Matt Kindt. Killer launch for Grass Kings #1 and X-O Manowar #1 in one month.


10. Scott Snyder. This weekend will see the announcement of “Metal” or “Nth”, the DC summer event showrun by Snyder and Greg Capullo.


11. Aaron Sorkin. He hasn’t even read a comic, but word that he was talking to Marvel and DC about… something was enough to launch a thousand headlines and speculation over which comics he would be writing – even if he was only talking TV and film.

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