For The X-Men And Inhumans, Today Sees The Beginning Of ResurrXion – Immigration, Time Travel, Terrigen And Pickles SPOILERS)

Today sees the release of the first X-Men ResurrXion titles. So what’s going on?


Well, Marvel Comics has an immigration problem. X-Men Prime #1 gives us illegal immigrants outside of Madripoor…. one of whom seems to have some cuticle issues.


Well, I guess this way is less stressful than getting touched up by the TSA. Still, I wonder if political ads in the Marvel Universe look more like this?


While Storm is looking over her past with Kitty and making a difficult decision.


Don’t worry, as the ResurrXion Preview volume published today, in X-Men Gold #1, she doesn’t follow through with it.


Though she has managed to grow her hair a bit.


Meanwhile, the classic X-Men have their own issues. In today’s All-New X-Men, they finally make the trip to the past that the Beast already said he had. And find something unexpected.


Themselves. Turns out, somehow, they never left…


And still unable to touch their Unus. So what does this mean?


Has the Marvel Universe just made a replacement version of the All-New X-Men? This continues in X-Men Prime #1, laying out the conclusion.


Was it a different timeline all along?


Isn’t it possible that sometime in the future, the All-New X-Men will go back in time again, and that is who they just saw fighting Unus (badly) maybe with a memory wipe?

While over in Inhumans Prime #1, we get a revelation courtesy of Kree warrior also from another timeline, Marvel Boy.


Does that analogy indicate that terrigen is magical? Or, as suspected, is it somewhere out in space? A preview of The Royals confirms why they are off to the Kree Homeworld.


Seems a little more serious than the “why don’t they just…” from Inhumans Prime…

And since this is Al Ewing writing, could it be detritus left behind by Galactus?

That’s right, terrigen is Galactus snot. It all makes sense now. The RessurrXion Preview has looks at all sorts of titles.


Could that be Professor X in Generation X? Jeam Grey is just noodling around the edges…

Hanging out with Pickles…


But hey! Does something bad happen to Pickles? Because in the preview for X-Men Blue #1…


What’s happened to Pickles? We need to know! But in the preview of Iceman #1, Bobby has other pressing issues. Mutantr.

While Old Man Logan is having similar issues to Lady Deathstrike.


Bit if you are looking for a future for the X-Men, the standard X-Men, the stay-at-home X-Men, it’s not in Eestchester, It’s not on Utopia. It’s not in Limbo. It’s…. Central Park?

Because that will really improve the relationship with humanity when the Sentinels/Brood/Brotherhood/Reavers attack. I guess you can’t have too many superheroes in Manhattan. Everything will be fine.

X-Men Prime #1, Inhumans Prime #1, All-New X-Men and the ResurrXion Preview are published by Marvel Comics today.

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