Today's Thunderbolts Reveal The Fate Of Bucky After He Didn't Die In Captain America's Hydra Timeline...

Today’s Thunderbolts Reveal The Fate Of Bucky After He Didn’t Die In Captain America’s Hydra Timeline…

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In a recent issue of Captain America, it was revealed that the original way Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, met his death…


…had been rewritten.


So that Baron Zemo died instead. And Bucky lived. Or, depending on Secret Empire spoilers, that this is the way it always was and the established version was one created by more reality meddling.

I think I’m going to have to draw a diagram as a result of this.


Anyway, so where does that leave Bucky’s history? In Thunderbolts #11 by Jim Zub and John Malin, published today, Bucky gets sent back in time to live his life out again, after the moment he would have “died”.


Of course, time has a habit – as All-New X-Men has shown us today – of jiggling itself round to where it should have been going.


And so Bucky ends up, strapped to a rocket by Captain America and Little Zemo, heading for his “death” again. And Captain America? Again, you’ll have to wait for Secret Empire #0 to see where a Captain America who didn’t get frozen in the sea falling off a rocket, ended up…

Hint, it’s still a bit chilly.

Thunderbolts #11 by Jim Zub and Jon Malin is published by Marvel Comics today.

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