How Today’s All-New X-Men Utterly Contradicts Bendis’s Battle Of The Atom

Remember X-Men: Battle Of The Atom? Of course you do. There was a first issue that focused on the All-New X-Men, colloquially known as the O5, standing for the Original Five X-Men. And what happened when the young Scott Summers was attacked. And then healed.


Before the healing, the older Scott Summers disappeared.22

Establishing that the O5 were part of the same timeline as the current X-Men.

image-45However, today’s All-New X-Men and the X-Men Blue #1 preview explicitly contradicts that. 


These are not the O5. they are the Faux 5.


And they always were.


Explanations anyone?image-44

I bet they’re going to go with the Secret Wars collapse of continuities and remaking in its wake.

Although that won’t explain how the Hydra time loop survived it…

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