Looking Ahead At The 'Overwatch' 2017 World Cup

Looking Ahead At The ‘Overwatch’ 2017 World Cup

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Blizzard is not slowing down when it comes to the success of Overwatch on the eSports front. Hell, the game had tournaments happening during the beta when there was nothing to support it, so how can you deny giving an audience that thirsty for competition something big to chew on. The last World Cup for the game was held during BlizzCon 2016, and to top that, the company are aiming to make the 2017 World Cub a bigger event than ever before.


More countries will be invited to play the next cup, which the details of that cup were released today as the first three phases are currently underway. Right now, country participation depends on how well the top 32 countries rank, and in order to get the 32 countries, they’re basing it off Skill Rating. Right now the top three (as of when we write this) are South Korea, China and USA. You can look up the top 50 to see where everyone stands, but only the top 32 will make it to the next phase, which will be assembling teams and holding tournaments to see who goes on to represent each country. Once that’s done, the third phase is holding the actual tournament, which will conclude in the finals at Blizzcon 2017.

So right now, to assure your country is in that top 32, go play online and be the very best you can. We’ll bring you details to Phase 2 as soon as this phase is complete!

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