Do Reed Richards And Doctor Doom's Mom Have A "Stifler" Relationship? (Iron Man SPOILERS)

Do Reed Richards And Doctor Doom’s Mom Have A “Stifler” Relationship? (Iron Man SPOILERS)

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In the acclaimed literary classics that form the American Pie series of movies, one recurring trope is that of the character Finch gaining carnal knowledge of the mother of his frenemy Stiffler. Indeed, the definition of the character in that role is that she is only ever referred to as “Stiffler’s Mom”, even to herself. The very act of sex becomes an act of power, not over the woman in question but from Finch to Stiffler, reversing the power role shared between the two at every other moment in the franchise.

Today’s Invincible Iron Man #6 plumbs similar oedipedal tracts with flashbacks to Victor Von Doom, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm at college together.


I mean, with that kind of banter, it might as well be American Pie (Fantastic) Four, right?

Um, anyway, the comic goes to the present day, where Victor’s returned-from-the-dead-ish mother Cynthia Von Doom is getting rather close to Reed Richards.


Does this seem like a case of “Victor’s Mom”? Of course, remember, it is a different Mister Fantastic. As next issue’s solicit gives away…

The Reed Richards from a dead reality calls himself “The Maker” – and his plans for the world are far more insane than anything Doctor Doom ever attempted. Now Doom, as Iron Man, is the only one who can stop him. Doom is the hero? Richards is the villain? It is a world gone mad!

Infamous Iron Man #6 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev is published today.


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