Disney Offers Quick Teasers For "Thor: Ragnarok" At Cinema Con

Disney Offers Quick Teasers For “Thor: Ragnarok” At Cinema Con

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Dave Hollis, Disney’s executive vice president for Theatrical Exhibition Sales & Distribution wants you to know that Thor: Ragnarok “…is a Thor like no other”. Speaking at Cinema Con Hollis also reminded the audience that Hulk was returning to the MCU in this movie.

//Thor: Ragnarok Concept Art

The movie’s synopsis has Thor and Hulk initially pitted against each other, but footage from Cinema Con showed them in what is likely a team up. Con goers also got to see Chris Hemsworth as Thor rushing in to battle clad in some pretty rudimentary armour.

The tournament is wasting his time since he needs to get back to the other side of the Universe to stop Ragnarok (the end of Asgard), which is made a might harder without Mjolnir.

Do the red markings on his face mean that the Odinson is fighting for the Red King? It’s unclear, but it’s sure nice to get more Thor!


Here’s some of the previous images:

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