Tomorrow, Discover Why The All-New X-Men Have Not Gone Home – And Never Will!

Once upon a time, the Beast went back to an indetermined time to bring the younger X-Men from the past to the present day in the hope that their idealism would persuade Cyclops that his then-warlike tendencies were… out of kilter.


It didn’t work.

The younger X-Men hung around a while, until the Beast took them home.


It didn’t work.

Then, after combining science and magic, the younger Beast went back to his past.


It worked. But something was up.


And then they were interrupted by a phallic monster.

In tomorrow’s All-New X-Men as the Xbooks and Inhumans books enter ResurrXion, we finally get an answer to that scene. As Cyclops suddenly remembers that it happened.

Why haven’t the All-New X-Men gone home yet, if they can?


And are given an answer that ensures they never will go home… ever!

All-New X-Men #19 by Dennis Hopeless and Paco Diaz is published tomorrow.

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