S.H. Figuarts Harley Quinn Makes Me Reconsider Suicide Squad

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Figuarts Harley Quinn 4

I did not enjoy the film Suicide Squad. I thought it was too long, made little to no sense (why are there so many helicopter crashes??? And who shot down the helicopter the first time, I am still waiting for an answer), and most of the characters were afterthoughts. That was not the case with one Harley Quinn however, and the performance by Margot Robbie was one of the few bright spots for me.

The Bandai S.H. Figuarts lines have been destroying expectations as far as I am concerned, I have yet to encounter a bad one, and this is no different. I am a packaging guy, and these figures are always spot on. The box is very small and compact, which I love. Too many companies use unnecessary cardboard and plastic on figures these days, so this is a great change of pace. Bright, vibrant colors greet you around the entire box, and the figure is shown off through a nicely-sized window. Inside, the tray holds the contents: The figure itself, two alternate heads, two alternate pairs of hands, a pistol, and her baseball bat.

Right out of the package, you begin to notice how much love went into making this figure. Every little thing you can think of is represented on this thing, from tattoos right down to the various tears and holes in her attire from the film. Her pigtails are articulated! The fine print on the back of her jacket could easily have all kinds of problems, but none exist. The eyes automatically go to the face sculpt, and this one, on all three heads, can only be described as perfect. The eyes are hypnotizing, and outside of Hot Toys, I dare you to find anything that comes even close to this.

The interchangeable parts come off and go back on pretty easily. The hands are a bit of a struggle, as the peg is up inside the hand itself, but once you get the hang of it there is no issue. The heads come on and off with ease, I think my favorite is the serious look. It feels a little chilling. I went with the non-gloved hand for the pistol, which can fit into the holster inside her coat (which does not affect the articulation at all) or into her hand firmly. The bat is two pieces so you can easily slip it in and out of and of the requisite hands.

Overall, at only $55, this is the definitive version of Harley from the film. Spend the money and get this one if you want this version, all others are quite simply inferior. From the perfect sculpt to the ultra-articulation, it would be wise to pick this up now before it sells out and the market goes crazy. As a matter of fact, you can do that right here.

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