Watch Snagglepuss Naming Names To The House Committee On Un-American Activities

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DC Comics has been remaking classic Hanna-Barbera characters into post-apocalyptic post-modern comic books. But for Snagglepuss, they are going back to the past.

Flintstones/Prez writer Mark Russell has, with artist Howard Porter, transported Snagglepuss into the 1950s, as a Southern Tennessee Williams-style author, gay, socialist and absolutely fabulous, and under the suspicion of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, being asked to give up the names of his fellow collaborators.

A preview of the series will appear in next week’s Suicide Squad/Banana Splits Annual. And, yes, that’s a thing.


But who will he name? Huckleberry Hound? Captain Caveman? Squiddly Diddly? No, he has other people in mind.


You see they’re not going to like that are they? Of course, that’s not the point.


The Snagglepuss Chronicles will be published later this year from DC Comics.

Which gives the creators plenty of time to put together more passive-aggressive allegorical anti-Trump administration storylines….

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