Ruff And Ready, Recreated As Nineteen-Fifties Blue Comedians By Howard Chaykin

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DC Comics has been remaking classic Hanna-Barbera characters into post-apocalyptic post-modern comic books. In the Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual out next week, famed crime/sex comic creator Howard Chaykin is taking on Ruff And Reddy – and like Snagglepuss, is going back to the fifties.

After a Satellite Sam-like recap of the history of television and how talking animals made their way into it, we get to meet the comparative careers of nineteen-fifties stand-up comedians Ruff and Reddy, based on the 1957 TV comedy show, the first cartoon Hanna-Barbera made for NBC.

Except they aren’t quite together yet.


I believe that’s something about having my cock in your ass, Howard? It seems that’s where the line is drawn for DC Comics.screenshot-1139

But apparently that one’s fine. But it’s a cut throat business in comedy it seems…


And something must be done.

Thus a legend is born! Ruff And Reddy! No news on where you’ll find more, but the Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual is out this Wednesday.

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