Mindless Speculation: Has An Ultimate Character Come To X-Men Blue?


The covers for X-Men Blue #5 and #6 from Marvel in June, have a pixilated shroud over the face of a Wolverine-like character.


They are meant to tease that the dead-and-adamantium-carbonated Wolverine will be returning.

Well he is. But, as ever, not the one you want. And not like that.


Bleeding Cool reader Jack Fisher shares a theory.


That’s Jimmy Hudson from Ultimate Marvel.

The cover of X-Men Blue #6 hints that he has blond hair, like Jimmy. His clothes are similar, including a hoodie.

He looks younger so it’s not Old Man Logan. And he has three upper claws, so that rules out Daken.


The writer of the series, Cullen Bunn wrote an Ultimate Wolverine mini-series years ago, which revealed Jimmy’s mother to be Wanda’s mother. It was a small series that came out at a time when Ultimate Marvel had faded significantly, so much so that I don’t know that many fans remember it. But Bunn wrote it and Bunn usually likes to revisit characters he’s written. He wrote Magneto’s solo series. Then, he used Magneto as a major character in Uncanny X-men. So given his history, it makes sense for him to use Jimmy Hudson since he helped write him before.

On top of that, the X-POSITION column conducted by Marvel’s X-men editors  a couple weeks ago hinted that X-Men Blue would see a familiar love triangle forming between three characters. Well, the most familiar X-men love triangle is Cyclops/Jean Grey/Wolverine. This could basically be a version of it.

When challenged by Fisher, Cullen simply said,

Considering he wrote the character, that’s not a convincing retort.

So, time for another Ultimate character, Jimmy Hudson, son of an alternate Wolverine, to come to Earth Prime?


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