Marvel Cancels Foolkiller Tomorrow With #5

stl036658It is a shame that the new Foolkiller comic from Marvel was published alongside the likes of Solo and Slapstick, Mosaic and Prowler, it was a critically more accomplished comic book than the others, but was caught up in what appears to have been a trademark-serving line of comic books.

And yes I speak in the past tense – if one day prematurely.

Foolkiller #5 is published on Wednesday. Written by Max Bemis, pencilled by Dalibor Talajic, inked by Jose Marzan Jr, coloured by Miroslav Mrvait is solicited with the text,

• Foolkiller vs Foolkiller!
•  What will Greg Salinger’s final fate be?

The answer is, cancellation. Foolkiller #5 will be the last issue of the ongoing monthly series. Marvel doesn’t announce cancellations of their comic, but I understand it finishes with a pretty final THE END.

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