This Guy Created An Ocarina-Controlled Home, And I Want To Go To There!

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I have my own personal dreams of owning a smart home. Who wouldn’t want one, right? You come home and tell the place to unlock your door, say what temperature you want, tell it to cook a meal by a certain time, ask it to read your email and give your news headlines, adjust the lighting—all by the sound of your voice. Sounds like an awesome concept that many people have pieces, but few homes that are the complete package. That isn’t stopping people from inventing cool ways of having a smart home, and one particular inventor just created one of the best geek houses possible.


Allen Pan is the man behind Sufficiently Advanced, a channel dedicated to creating new geeky type things taken from pop culture and trying to make them real, all through using modern tech and some help through Patreon for funding. He’s created things like Thor’s Hammer, a burning Lightsaber, and an Ice Sword. But his latest inventions are so awesome, it make us want to have one of our own. He’s turned his apartment into the ultimate Ocarina Of Time smart home. Through a series of wifi modules, sound recognition programming, and some old-fashion engineering, Pan has wired up his entire home to respond to a specific set fo sounds: the melodies you play in the N64 video game. Turn on the heat with Bolero Of Fire, water your plants with Minuet Of Forest, find out what time it is with the Song Of Time, etc. You can watch the full video below.

While it’s cool that he was able to take the blue ocarina toy and turn it into a smart key, it’s also got to be annoying if you mess up a note and need to start over. But if I had this in my apartment, I’d be willing to learn the notes.

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