Marvel To Collect "Classic X-Men" Back-Ups As An Omnibus

Marvel To Collect “Classic X-Men” Back-Ups As An Omnibus

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2cf0af000b0934e1c93d08b9ce3a043dX-Men Classic Omnibus, out on 19th December, 1040 pages for $125 will be collecting an intriguing publishing experiment.

In 1986, Marvel launched Classic X-Men, a series that reprinted the Wein/Claremont/Cockrum/Byrne era of X-Men, but with additional new pages and back-up strips by Chris Claremont and a variety of artists that added new details to the stories, added origins, and moments that would then be followed up on by the  continuity of the time.

And Marvel have enough to fill up an Omnibus… with pages from Classic X-Men #1-44 and from Marvel Fanfare.

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