HBO Register Utopia And Dystopia As Comic Book Trademarks

Posted by March 17, 2017 Comment

In 2015, HBO canned the David Fincher-planned remake of the 2013 Channel 4 TV drama Utopia, a remarkable pharma-thriller with a graphic novel holding a very nasty genetic secret as the MacGuffin. A remarkable show, it lasted two series in the UK and didn’t get off the starting blocks in the USA from HBO.


However a few days ago, HBO registered trademarks for comic books for two words, Utopia and Dystopia.


These are the only trademarks I can find that HBO has registered as comic books. Could it be that, with a TV show that didn’t make it to the screen, it is possible that HBO are going to publish a show that they paid to license, as a comic book?

I think it’s possible that Marvel Comics may have something to say about that…


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