KBrad Gets His Revenge On Wolfkrone At Final Round 20, With A Dash Of Salt In The Wound

What you’re about to watch is one of the best tit-for-tat stories you’ll see in eSports this year. Below is the video of a match between Joshua “Wolfkrone” Philpot and Kenneth “KBrad” Bradley that happened at the Street Fighter V tournament  Frosty Faustings in January. Both men apparently have had a rivalry going back some time, no one knows quite where it started, but they damn well know where it escalated. Watch the ending as Wolfkrone gloats in the face of KBrad after losing 2-1.

Not the most gracious of winners. You could argue he earned the right to brag, but every competitive player knows there’s a fine line between bragging rights and showboating. Flash forward to this past weekend where the two met at Final Round 20 in Atlanta, and after some additional practice and anticipation, you could tell KBrad was in no mood to be sent packing a second time. So when the two met up in theTop 64 to make it to the tournament, the confrontation was amazing as Wolfkrone was defeated in their last match 0-2. Check out the full video of that round, and soak in the ending confrontation and fan reactions around the two.

KBrad would eventually make the lower end of the finals but lost in the final four, taking 4th place overall while Wolfkrone finished in 13th. Still, taking out his rival in stunning fashion is a nice consolation prize. The lesson kids: Don’t gloat unless you can back it up. Every. Single. Time.

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