Yes, Marvel, Jeff Lemire Did Quit You

Posted by March 7, 2017 Comment

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported gossip out of ECCC that Jeff Lemire, after a two-year exclusive deal, had quit Marvel Comics. Creator-owned works, Valiant pay cheques and multi-media deals seemed in his future.

I understand that other creators coming onto books that he has stopped, were told by Marvel that he had been fired off books. But I also understand that’s not the case, he gave his notice and finished all the work he was due to.

That’s the thing about comic book creators. They talk and tell each other what publishers have said about them. They can be awkward like that.

I just hope, after reading this essay by Jeff Lemire in his new Image Comics title Royal City #1, written in March last year, but only published this week, that he’s okay…


That’s the thing about Jeff Lemire, as with this essay, he writes well in advance of publication. I understand he has concluded all his work for Marvel Comics – for now. He writes on Twitter,




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