Jeff Lemire Quits Marvel

Posted by March 6, 2017 Comment

You may have noticed that with each new round of Marvel solicits that Jeff Lemire is writing less and less for Marvel.

He went from writing a lot of stuff over the last two years, becoming exclusive with Marvel in April 2015, named lead writer on X-Men after Brian Bendis to… suddenly writing nothing as of May 2017.

IVX finishes soon, as does Thanos, he’s off Old Man Logan, off Moon Knight, left Extraordinary X-Men and there is nothing from Marvel to replace it.

Some thought he, like other Marvel A-List creators, may be working in advance on new work for the Make Mine Marvel not-a-relaunch later in the year.

ECCC gossip has it that he has quit Marvel completely. That his two-year exclusive deal may be coming to an end, and he’s not looking for it to be renewed. Joining the likes of Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ed Brubaker, Rick Remender and more on the creator-owned bandwagon like his new Royal City comic – with a little work for hire on more generously paying projects, and that film option on Underwater Welder with Ryan Gosling also helping out the cashflow.

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