Zack Snyder Teases New Batmobile For Justice League: “Upgrades…What Are You Worried About Wayne”

Zack Snyder has been hard at work on the upcoming Justice League film, judging by his social media of late. Just days after he posted Aquaman test footage on Vero, he’s at it again — this time with a good look at some upgraded hardware for the Batmobile.  Snyder’s accompanying comment, “Upgrades… What Are You Worried About Wayne”, is intriguing enough, though one can never accuse Batman of driving an under-powered vehicle.



I’ve got a theory on this one myself, though it’s going to take a little while to research.  In the meantime, a comparison to the Batmobile from Batman v Superman below shows us that it is indeed an upgrade rather than a complete redesign.  Quite a bit more weaponry on the outside, and who knows what on the inside.


It’s an interesting look, if a bit cluttered. My personal favorite Batmobile upgrade remains the model which first appeared in Batman #5.


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