To Have One Superboy Deleted By Time Might Be Considered Unfortunate… (Avengers, Superman, Justice League Spoilers)


In the previous issue of Justice League #15, Superman went for a little fly about to meet an old friend…



Only to find Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent wiped out of existence.

7As somehow time was rewritten. And in today’s Justice League #16, he’s on the hunt.


As he has to deal with the fact that his family have been wiped out of time itself.


I’m not sure if this story is set before or after the current crossover event in the Superman and Action Comics titles. As in Superman #18, a visit by the “fake” Clark Kent dropped off an album of photographs of a life for Superman and Lois Lane without Jonathan Kent.


And then this sort of thing started to happen.


And, in true Back To The Future style…

…and making it more likely that he’s the Superboy Prime reality puncher, possibly out into service by Mr Oz. But it does feels weird that neither of these Supermen say “hang on, didn’t this just happen the other day? What did I do then?” While as for the Justice League plot…


…while last issue it seemed like they were crossing over with what Captain America was dealing with… this week, it’s far closer to the Avengers plot, also out today.


And they have their own, similar, concerns…


Superman, Justice League and Avengers #4 are all out today… try and tell them apart, go on.

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