Taking Apart That Big Walking Dead #165 Spoileriffic Ending… (SPOILERS)

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Negan, you had to go and say that in Image Plus’s Here’s Negan strip also out today as well as The Walking Dead #165?

It’s like the ending of The Planet Of The Apes. The first one. The proper one. Because they did it. The crazy bastards did it. Though it’s not as if people weren’t warned. The cover of The Walking Dead #167 can now be seen in a new light…


And the letters page has people making the kind of the statements that Kirkman can shove in their face with this issue.


Which, by the way, is a full blown action procedural on how to deal with an insanely huge horde of zombies with a limited amount of weapons, by utilising the natural elements.

But not everything can go to plan. And past words come back to haunt.

Oh shit.
Andrea first appeared in The Walking Dead #2, she has been with the book longer than anyone except for Rick and Carl. And of late had become Rick’s partner, being referred to as Carl’s mother. The TV character version was bitten a few seasons ago, and was left with a gun to finish herself off. Could this be about to happen in the comics as well?



Or will we? Is this the get out clause teased previously? You know in that cover for #167…


…there’s no neck scar.

Walking Dead #167 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard is published today.

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