Sexual Innuendo In Today’s DC Comics And Its Consequences, With Harley Quinn, Midnighter & Apollo And Nightwing (SPOILERS)

Warning, there are minor spoilers for today’s Harley Quinn and Midnighter & Apollo below, and a major one for Nightwing. Consider yourself warned.

Sexual innuendo is on the rise. As it were. And today’s DC Comics give us a fine example of the range within that sphere.

Take Harley Quinn #15 by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Khari Evans. And a conversation that deals with playground slang for male genitalia. The most basic form of innuendo or euphemism, learnt as a child, Harley doesn’t seem to have moved on…

While Nightwing #16 by Tim Seeley and Javi Fernandez engages in a little wordplay between Nightwing and Defacer in her pre-kidnapped-possibly-fridged state.


And even Midnighter and Apollo can find the time to make suggestive comments while being pursued by the demon hordes of hell, including a doppelganger or two, in today’s Midnighter & Apollo #6 by Steve Orlando and Fernando Blanco.


Of course, Midnighter & Apollo have one consequence of their relationship that, at least, shouldn’t come as a surprise…


Looks like the fridge just got a little fuller…

All comics are published today by DC Comics.

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