The Flash Proves There Is Always Another Way

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This articles contains spoilers for The Flash episode – Attack on Central City.






Last night we got the second half of the Gorilla Grodd two-parter, but this time on Earth-1. Grodd’s back-up plan, using Gypsy to open the gateway, gets him and his army to Earth-1 as he wanted. Barry Allen is freaked out by this, making him wonder if he should kill Grodd this time. They defeat Grodd but he only comes back stronger… so Barry considers crossing the line and evokes the name of Green Arrow as having killed and still be a hero. But the whole point of this episode is that there is always another way. Killing isn’t the answer. It seems weird though that it’s Grodd that pushes him towards the line when he’s been grossly overmatched by Reverse-Flash, Zoom and Savitar already. But this ties into his desperation to change time and save Iris West.

Meanwhile, Jesse Quick and Wally West go and tell Harrison Wells (Harry from Earth-2), that Jesse is going to stay with Wally. He doesn’t flip out, he tells her that all he wants is for her to be happy. But later he lets slip to Wally that he’s been to a doctor and doesn’t know how much time he has left. This gives Wally the impression that Harry is dying… he’s not. Jesse is pissed when she finds out and confronts him, referring to him as Deadman. Minor Easter egg there as Deadman is a DC comic character named Boston Brand who, after losing his own life, can possess the bodies of others. Deadman is featured int he recently released Justice League Dark animated movie.

Flash, Kid-Flash and Jesse Quick suit up and prepare to take down Grodd where they think he’s going to be. He’s not there though, but he mind controls Joe West into trying to shoot himself in the head, which Barry barely stops. This is all for a distraction while Grodd kidnaps a military man who has access to nukes. That’s Grodd’s plan A, nuke Central City then use his army to finish it off. But Barry is able to stop the nukes by entering in every possible deactivation code he can. Grodd goes to plan B, attack the city head on.

Through all of this Vibe keeps trying to get Gypsy to help. She says no, repeatedly. So he goes to Earth-19 where traveling to other Earths is illegal. We see her talking to the Accelerated Man for a brief second, reporting that she had captured someone who went to Earth-2… the original reason she was there to be taken by Grodd. Vibe finally talks her into helping… and the flirtmance between the two continues.

The three speedsters line up to stop the army of Gorillas, but it doesn’t go too well. Luckily they are only a distraction. Barry’s plan was to slow down the army while Vibe and Gypsy retrieve the one person that could stop the invasion. Solovar, the former king of Gorilla City. The white super-gorilla appears and fights Grodd one-on-one, defeating him and taking back control of the gorilla army. Solovar moves in to kill Grodd, but Barry asks Solovar to spare him, leaving Grodd on Earth-2. (Why would he do that?) Then he turns Grodd over to Lila Michaels and ARGUS. There’s a mention of Grodd vs Killer Shark that I think we’d all love to see.

It was a good episode and a fun two-parter. It was interesting to see Tom Cavanagh play off himself… Harry really doesn’t like H.R. at all. And Harry gives in and goes back to Earth-2 without his daughter. And the big moment is near the end when Barry decides to stop worry about the future and live his life with the woman he loves… and he wants to do this as husband and wife. He proposes to Iris using his Grandmother’s engagement ring. It was a nice moment, but a little odd after the episode started with a similar set up having Barry race around doing nice stuff for Iris.

The question I cam away with was about the Accelerated Man. Why would the take the time to put together a costume, cast an actor just for maybe ten seconds of air time? It didn’t move the story along, we weren’t told who traveled to Earth-2. So why put him in at all? And why not just use a stunt man or something if this was a one-time thing? The answer would seem to be… because he’ll be back.

The episode ends with Wally running off to get Jesse a Big Belly Burger when he runs into Savitar. It looks like next week only Wally can see him. Plus, Savitar is calling him Wallace… the same way that H.R. calls him Wallace. Let the wild speculation continue.

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