Wolverine's Creator Would Like To Buy You A Meal - For His Health

Wolverine’s Creator Would Like To Buy You A Meal – For His Health

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13413612_10209840005577294_3036144165980474482_nAs the new Logan film hits cinemas worldwide, the co-creator of Wolverine, Len Wein – who also gave us Swamp Thing, Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus and edited Watchmen – has his own issues.

He writes, poignantly, to Facebook,

Hey, friends, new plan. If you see me at a con or in the street or wherever, invite me out there and then for a decent meal, something to put a little meat on my bones. I simply have to start eat more and better. In the two years since my heart attack and having my big left toe amputated and now this fractured neck and all the miserable mess in between, I seem to have lost about 50+ pounds and I look like I just got of Auschwitz; I haven’t weighed so little since my High School days. Now I’m not asking you to pay for the meal; I’ll handle that ( least I can do for your generosity.) All I’m asking is for people to share my company and help me get back the 10/15 pounds I so desperately need.

And his friends, some of whom contacted me, were keen to help make plans,

Could I suggest…this kebab restaurant?


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