Wizard World, Stephen Shamus And All The Little Shamuses Settle Their Court Case

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Bleeding Cool has been covering the legal case involving Wizard World Vs. Stephen Shamus, all the many Shamuses including some we’d never heard of and anyone they ever met on the sidewalk.

Claims that Stephen Shamus arranged money-losing signing deals for Wizard World that benefitted Shamus to the tune of a million dollars.

Claims that Wizard World manufactured this claim to get out of paying him what was due on his contract, which was also a million dollars.

Claims that Wizard management were looting the company. Claims that the Shamuses were staging a Wizard World coup.

Claims that the contract was manufactured by Stephen when someone other than Stephen was made CEO. Claims that if the contract were valid it would prevent Shamus from starting his own Wizard World competition – which he is.

It was going to be a belter of a court trial, the mother of all comic book convention wars that would probably bring in everyone who was part of the Wizard generation and the modern comic convention scene, or… well…


Yup, they’d settle. The settling began in January, but now the final open case between the parties has closed as well. Thankfully the paperwork is still available to read if anyone wants to peruse some of the odder claims…

And since we did run more claims from Stephen Shamus against Wizard World, I suppose it’s fair that we run some more of Wizard World’s counter claims.

The destruction of a laptop by Stephen Shamus became a hot topic.

Time for a little gaslighting…


That pesky non-non compete clause? And Shamus setting up in competition…

Not able to get his family to back his claims up.

show_temp-14-page-012 show_temp-14-page-013
More on that laptop…


And the legal equivalent of subtweeting.

As for the claims Wizard was taking money out of the company and into the chairman’s pocket in case the company went down by buying a 63 month lease on property owned by the Chairman…

show_temp-15-page-008And yes, while it would have been fun to see all these claims tested in court, that road is no longer open to us…

UPDATE: Here’s the press release on the settlement.

Wizard World, Inc. (WIZD) and former Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Shamus today announced all lawsuits have been resolved amicably where both parties found no wrongdoing.

“I want to thank the current Wizard World leadership team for working collaboratively on this effort, and wish them all the best,” said Stephen Shamus.

“We are pleased to have worked with Stephen to resolve our disagreements, so that each of us can focus our talents on the entertainment world, instead of the courtroom,” said John Maatta, Chief Executive Officer of Wizard World.

They sound so nice now….

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