Jimmy Broxton Makes “Absolutely No Apology Whatsoever” For Offending Vampirella Cover


Last week, Bleeding Cool ran Dynamite solicitations for Vampirella #3, including the subscription variant cover above. We also covered the negative reactions and accusation of transphobia.

Writer of the comic Paul Cornell said he had signed off on the cover and apologised, assuring that he’d had the cover pulled, took responsibility, and donated his fee for the issue to the Trans Helpline charity.

Subsequently, Dynamite Entertainment CEO Nick Barrucci issued his own apology, also promising charitable donations.

But the artist in question, Jimmy Broxton – once known as James Hodgkins – had a different, opposite take. He first posted on Facebook, taking full responsibility for the cover and the words that appear on it.

First Batgirl, then Spider-Woman and more recently Iron Man, all comics featuring variant covers that kicked up a bit of fuss. It seems my variant cover for Vampirella #3 is next on that infamous list. it has upset a few folks (four of them as far as I know, could be more). I’m solely responsible for the cover, it was my idea, my art and my cover copy.

In response to supporting comments, he followed with,

Shane has it right, and there is no bigotry on display, it lampoons all of those outdated notions, with humour, it in no way condones or legitimises abhorrent views. Anyone who thinks it does is wrong. I created the cover, I know what my intentions were and I make absolutely no apology for it what so ever. If a few people are offended, so what? Also, for the record the woman is not trans, she is female. The trolls who kicked off this nonsense got that wrong as well.

And later adding,

For the record, as the sole individual responsible for this I do not apologise, I have absolutely nothing to apologise for, personally I think Paul and Dynamite should have risen above this nonsense and ignored the trolls who kicked it off, and I certainly did not want them to apologise on my behalf. That being said, everyone else can do, say and think what they like, as that’s just how I roll.

Personally, I thought she was meant to be Donald Trump. Maybe I’m just seeing him everywhere these days. Comments from Broxton’s readers included the following trans voices.

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