Bringing Back The Fantastic Four In Infamous Iron Man? Really? (SPOILERS)

AAaron Haaland twigged me to it in last night’s A Comic Show video. That today’s Infamous Iron Man could see the return of the Fantastic Four through the back door.


Certainly the comic has featured The Thing, working for Maria Hill, Director of SHIELD (and still director – it seems that Secret Empire continuity doesn’t apply to comics written by Brian Bendis).


But in a final page spoiler, we discover who Doctor Doom’s mother has been working with.


And it was this that caused a number of retailers to contact me and take note.

But I also read March, April and May’s solicits for Marvel Comics. Which shows us that it’s The Maker, the Ultimate Reed Richards, recently seen in New Avengers, that is causing such a fuss…

infim2016006-cov infim2016007-covinfim2016008-cov

Still, might be a story worth reading though! But this isn’t the return of the Fantastic Four. Though Bendis does like teasing it…


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