Comic Retailer Writes An Article Asking Comic Retailers To Stop Writing Articles

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16830835_10208821084188563_1684242436241412943_nJesse James of Jesse James Comics in Glendale, Arizona, posted the following to Facebook. It appears here with his (slightly reluctant) permission and follows a number of articles written on Bleeding Cool.

To my Fellow Retailers in the Comic Book Industry. Stop writing articles about your business and why it’s not successful. It’s plain and simple, sales solve everything. Your analogy of why your business is in the tank, isn’t going to sell you more books. I have read over 10 articles, in the last 10 days, from retailers on major pages that have no clue on how to progress or adapt to the times.

Not one retailer even talked about better customer service or how they are going to better their business to their customers abroad. Stop blaming DC or Marvel for your sale decreases. Stop blaming a President of a company for his speech. This has no bearing on your sales.

Stop and look in the mirror and challenge yourself to be a better retailer for your customers. Stop using a wholesale market share chart to base your orders on.

Start being smarter on your purchases. Start Coaching, teaching and inspiring your customers daily.

Your future is with your customers. Not some article on a webpage.

It doesn’t matter how long I have been in business. I just know I have to sell comic books today.

High Regards

Jesse James

Bleeding Cool is happy for retailers to keep writing articles for Bleeding Cool.

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