The First Time Kieron Gillen Wrote A James Bond Comic

Okay, it could be argued Kieron Gillen has always written a James Bond comic.

But I was looking through Kieron Gillen's twitter history to find any James Bond bon mots he may have made over the years before today's announcement he was writing a Bond comic, to discover that he's automatically deleting tweets after a certain period. Which, for anyone travelling to America, might be a handy thing.

So you'll just have to guess at whatever "bond mots" these were in response to.

But that's okay! Kieron has been tweeting James Bond today…

But if you can't wait till May (and who can)… how about picking up God Is Dead: Book of Acts: Omega¬†from Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press? Featuring Alestor: Hell's Executioner with artist German Nobile. And what Gillen has described as "basically me doing James Bond in Hell."

So if you are looking at a possible direction…

…well he's definitely got the wordplay down.





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