Pokémon Go Is Updated, But Not With The Pokémon You Want

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You’re going to have to spend a little extra time sending hoards of Rattatas and Pidgeys back to Professor Oak, the updates for Pokémon Go finally took effect today, but those hoping for Gold and Silver Pokémon aren’t going to get their wish for a while.


The update went through today and addressed a lot of issues. The first being the ability to select Poké Balls and berries easier from the battle screen, bringing the difficulty down a few hairs so you’ll be able to snag Pokémon easier. Another feature is added outfits and accessories so players have much more variety when customizing their character. You also have a cool Night-Mode where the map changes color and you’re given a very different tone of music as you roam around and battle.


What you’re not getting are the Pokémon they promised you. There’s no official explanation as to why they’ve been left out of the update, but by all accounts, they’re not on the servers and you have no means of luring any of them out to catch. Niantic said the 80 new additions would come “later this week,” which includes some tweaks to the interface and “new gameplay mechanics for Trainers to master.” You’ll also be able to utilize Pinap and Nanab berries. Nanab berries slow down Pokémon for easier captures, while Pinap berries double your candy from captures.

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