Charlie Adlard Expects Image Comics Will Publish His Vampire State


From the 2000AD Thrill Power Festival, happening in Hammersmith right now, Charlie Adlard has been doing a Live Draw event, whipping up sketches of Judge Dredd, Negan and Tharg playing the drums.


As well as his love for 2000AD, and his process for the Walking Dead, he also talked about his new vampire series Vampire State which he is drawing for the European market concurrently with The Walking Dead (aside from the last month when he had to draw two issues of The Walking Dead in one month).

He did also state that he expected that Image Comics would translate and publish the upcoming series, as publisher Eric Stephenson has basically said to him “anything… anything!”

We do also enjoy Charlie’s haircut he’s sporting. It was about time and looks terribly dapper, sir!



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