Sue Storm Pierces Perlmutter's Prohibition On Fantastic Four Figures

Sue Storm Pierces Perlmutter’s Prohibition On Fantastic Four Figures

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As covered extensively by our very own Rich Johnston (links at the end), for a long while Fantastic Four merchandise was forbidden by Ike Perlmutter from being produced. The same type of thing was in place for the X-Men as well, but they were still at least promoted and a few items trickled out. That ban has since been pretty much done away with, as new X-men merchandise seems to be announced almost on a daily basis at this point. And now, it seems the ban is coming off the FF as well. This morning, the first packaged picture of Hasbro’s Sue Storm w/ H.E.R.B.I.E. Marvel Legends figure was leaked onto the web. It is a great looking figure, easily the best Sue Storm ever made. When found, we will have a full review.

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