Six Marvel Comics Second Printings For Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thanos, Thor And Venom…

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #8, Hulk #1, Infamous Iron Man #3, Thanos #2, Unworthy Thor #3 and Venom #2 have all sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors, there is still retailer demand, so Marvel Comics have turned on the printing mills one more time for these six books…

They’ll basically have the same covers as before, but with a slight colour change to a logo or somesuch.

But can I take this moment to point out that the solicitation for the first print of Infamous Iron Man #3 read

•  Some people from Tony Stark’s past have a VERY big problem with Victor Von Doom taking the mantle of Iron Man.
•   One of those people is Pepper Potts, a.k.a. Rescue!
•   She is back and she is pissed! Where has she been?

Didn’t actually have Pepper Potts in it at all?

Just saying…



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