Alec Morgan No Longer Drawing Elektra – But Bullseye Back-Ups With Marv Wolfman (UPDATE)

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It was announced that Alec Morgan was the artist for the new Elektra #1, written by Netflix Luke Cage writer Matt Owens, out from Marvel in February. Look, his name is even on the cover image (cover art by Elizabeth Torque).


But it’s not to be. Instead, Bleeding Cool learns, he has been replaced by Juan Cabal, who drew an issue of Wolverines #17 two years previously – and that’s it.

Instead Alec Morgan will be drawing a back-up strip for Bullseye #1, also out in February, by Bullseye co-creator Marv Wolfman.

UPDATE: Marvel representatives get in touch to say

We’re big fans of Alec’s style, and we ultimately felt he was better suited for a different project. For those looking for him, you can see some of his amazing artwork in February’s Bullseye #1 alongside legendary writer Marv Wolfman. And we’re very excited to bring Juan Cabal on to the Elektra series alongside Matt Owens.

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