William Christopher, M.A.S.H.’s Father John Mulcahy, Passes Away At The Age Of 84

william-christopherM.A.S.H. was an amazing TV series with an eleven year run, longer than the actual war it was based on, and the stars of the series became like family to many. William Christopher played Father John Mulcahy for the full run of the series and then into the spin-off After M.A.S.H. Christopher passed away yesterday in his home Pasadena, CA at the age of 84.

Besides his run on the award winning show, Christopher appeared on many other popular series including: The Andy Griffith Show, The Patty Duke Show, Gomer Pyle USMC, Hogan’s Heroes and later in Murder She Wrote, Mad About You and Lois & Clark. His final role was back in 2012 when he played Father Tobias on 11 episodes of the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He also lent his voice for very roles on The Smurfs from 1984 to 1988.

Christopher got the role of Mulchay, replacing the original actor cast in the pilot, by going off script and doing a rambling ad lib that the producer really liked. He was hired on the spot but made to promise to follow this scripts from then on.

The actor’s on Ned was born with autistic. Christopher devoted time to the National Autistic Society and recorded many public service announcements for them.


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