Michael Fassbender Recalls His Early Flirtation With A Role In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

michael fassbender in shame

Back when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was being bandied about and cast, there were rumours just about every hot actor was in some talk to be in the film. Off that, it’s no surprise that Michael Fassbender‘s name revolved around the project for a little while.

Well, the actor has opened up a tiny bit on the conversations that were had on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast (via EW), confirming that there was a time when he was at least considered for the film. However, the talks don’t look like they went far, with Fassbender saying he thinks he was busy at the time.

We talked about a role. We had a conversation. I’m pretty sure I was busy doing something else in the summer he [J.J. Abrams] was kickstarting that.

Of course, the question is now who was Fassbender in the running to play? Kylo Ren would be a fit, but so would General Hux. Maybe it was so early, it was a character that isn’t in the film in its current form. Still. It is fun to speculate.